WATER: City Of Tuscaloosa

The brand new City of Tuscaloosa City Services website has a lot of helpful information. Whether you have lived off campus in Tuscaloosa before or not, this site is a great resource! You can sign up for a new water account, and find out what living off campus in Tuscaloosa is like. For all properties in the city limits, the sewer and garbage pickup is included with the water bill.

ELECTRIC: Alabama Power Co

Electric services for all of our properties can be obtained through Alabama Power. You can find information about establishing a new account on their website. You may be able to fill out an application online or by phone, but they typically require a copy of your lease before they will submit the order.

NATURAL GAS: Spire Energy

For those of you living in some of our houses, you may have a hot water heater or furnace that requires natural gas. The company that services the area for all of our properties is Spire (formerly Alagasco).


There are different options available depending on the location of the property and your budget. Alabama Power is currently offering the option to help new customers set up other residential services. You may want to contact them about your electric service first and see what they have to say. The university's  Office of Off-Campus Housing may be able to help as well. If you have any friends that currently live in areas nearby, find out what service provider they have and if they are happy with them!


If the property you are renting has an alarm system installed, you may choose to use the alarm on its own (i.e. when it goes off it will only make a sound but it will not call emergency services), or you can set it up to be monitored by ADS Security.


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